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[Orgmode] Inserting columns

From: Shelagh Manton
Subject: [Orgmode] Inserting columns
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2007 17:51:07 +1000

I wrote an email a while ago but I guess it must have got lost in the

I have been trying to insert columns on org-tables with M-S -> as it
says can be done on the refcard.
It does not work. I wondered if it was because there was a trick to it.
You know, putting point on a line or something. I've investigated a bit
further, with the aide of my trusty emacs manual and did a C-h w on
"org-table-insert-column" command and it says 
org-table-insert-column is not on any key. I wonder if the org-card is
out of date? Or is it meant to be on M-S -> and this just got left out
I don't mind putting a keybinding command myself, but if it is
intentional that this command is not bound, perhaps the refcard needs to
be updated.
I'm using emacs-snapshot packaged by ubuntu on feisty with org-mode


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