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Re: [Orgmode] sparse tree by C-u C-c C-v suggestion

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] sparse tree by C-u C-c C-v suggestion
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 14:08:36 +0200

On Jun 9, 2007, at 8:50, Maxim Loginov wrote:

hi all

it would be good if sparse tree created by C-u C-c C-v take
not a numerical argument, but string from org-todo-keywords
with auto completion.

This is exactly how it works.  Have you actually tried it?
Or are you using some ancient version?

BTW, in emacs we usually talk about "completion", not "auto completion".
The latter describes a process where the word is really filled
in automatically, without even pressing TAB to invoke completion.

- Carsten

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