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[Orgmode] Duration Tally

From: Russell Adams
Subject: [Orgmode] Duration Tally
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 08:47:06 -0500
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If this feature already exists, I've missed it...

I'm planning ahead on some items, and having a way to represent the
amount of time a TODO item will take, and then having the parent total
the duration of the children would be very helpful.

* TODO A {6h}
** TODO a1 {2h}
** TODO a2 {2h}
** TODO a3 {2h}

I know doing time conversion is a real pain, so I'm only thinking a
simple sum. It could be nice later to schedule A, and then have each
of a1-3 show up on the agenda based on their duration.

Kudos again on Org-mode, its great!


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