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Re: [Orgmode] Does org-mode work less under Windows?

From: Charles Cave
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Does org-mode work less under Windows?
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2007 18:38:33 +1000

Hello Cecil,

I run Org Mode version 4.77 on Emacs 22.1.1 on Windows XP Service Pack 2
Is that GNU Emacs or Xemacs you are using?

As far as I can see, everything works very well.

Hidestars definitely works. The beginning of my files look like:

#+STARTUP: overview
#+STARTUP: hidestars

Perhaps you could send a (small) sample of an org-mode file that 
demonstrates the problem?


> Cecil Westerhof <address@hidden> wrote:
> At home I use org-mode with Emacs 21.3.1 under Linux. At work I use
> Emacs under Windows. But severall things work less at work.
> Links do not work as they should. I keep seeing [[link][description]].
> Also hidestars and odd does not work. Anybody an idea what is ahppening
> here?
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> Cecil Westerhof <address@hidden>
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