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[Orgmode] iCal Import

From: Tim O'Callaghan
Subject: [Orgmode] iCal Import
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 19:26:55 +0200


below is a bit of a hack i've come up with to attempt to read my
google calendar into my org agenda. I originally started it using
eldav, but i realised i don't have a webdav server to sync to. At the
moment, It only works for entries that icalendar-import-file converts
to %%(add something).

The org docs imply that that is the only diary entry type that it can
process, is this the case?


--- code snip ---
(require 'w3)
(require 'icalendar)

(setq google-ical-org-list

(defun toc:goggle-to-org ()
 "get a google calendar and convert it into org dates"
   (let* ((glist google-ical-org-list))
     ;; iterate through list
     (while (setq entry (pop glist))
       (setq google-ical-url (car entry) local-ical-file (nth 1
entry) local-date-file (nth 2 entry))
       ;; Delete the diary local files
       (if (file-exists-p local-ical-file) (delete-file local-ical-file))
       (if (file-exists-p local-date-file) (delete-file local-date-file))
       ;; Get ical file
       (w3-download-url google-ical-url (expand-file-name local-ical-file)
      ;; convert to diary without leading &
       (icalendar-import-file local-ical-file local-date-file nil)
      ;; iCalendar leaves the buffers open
       (kill-buffer (find-buffer-visiting local-date-file))
       (kill-buffer (find-buffer-visiting local-ical-file))
--- code snip ---

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