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Re: [Orgmode] Duration Tally

From: Eddward DeVilla
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Duration Tally
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 13:28:10 -0500

On 6/19/07, Scott Jaderholm <address@hidden> wrote:
I see a property list under each heading as a way of doing columns,
albeit in a less user friendly way. I can see this being useful
anywhere you have hierarchal data to which you would like to add
structure. Currently, I normally transfer it into a table, but it
would be nice to be able to leave things as a list and still define
some columns. See

Perhaps a property list has the advantage of being easier for the
programmers and being a better way to store the data in a text file,
but I think it would be really sweet if an interface were built on top
of it so that the user saw something similar to the picture above.

Seems to me you could have an agenda-like view where you give a
selection criteria and a list of fields to display.  I guess you could
wrap it in a table if you like.  At this point we'd have invented SQL
queries for org-mode.  I can't decide yet if I think it's overkill or
cool.  It seemed cool until I realized it was functionally just a
select-where statement.  But that is really all I was after. Dynamic
reports from all my org-files.


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