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[Orgmode] Org-mode version 4.79

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode version 4.79
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 12:31:30 +0200

Thanks for all the fast reports, seems like the last release
was quite messed up.  Therefore, 4.79 is only a quick
bug-fix release, with a few small features:

Changes in version 4.79

* Details

  - We are back to a single file org.el that works both on Emacs
    and on XEmacs.  Merging comes at a speed penalty for you as
    an XEmacs user, but *only if you do not compile* org.el.
    Compilation completely removes the penalty.

  - New L flag for literal interpolation in Lisp formulas.
    See manual section 3.5.3.

  - New options for turning off footnotes.
    This was a request from Ignotus.
    See the option `org-export-with-footnotes'.

  - Default length for Agenda entries, but this is off by
    default.  This was a request from Micheal.
    See the option `org-agenda-default-appointment-duration'.

  - Bug fixes:

    + org-agenda-date-later (Juraj Kubelka)
    + letters off margin in orgcard.ps (Charles Cave)
    + TODO export problems on XEmacs (address@hidden)
    + args-out-of-range with table formulas (Cecil Westerhof)
    + problem with org-file without a heading (Tim O'Callaghan)

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