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[Orgmode] repeating within a range

From: Austin Frank
Subject: [Orgmode] repeating within a range
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 14:59:45 -0400
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I'd like to specify that an event repeats weekly, but only for a month.
Ideally, I'd also be able to specify a time for the weekly event.  Is
there currently a way to say "this event happens every Thursday in July
From 17:00-19:00"?

Given the new time range syntax from 4.78, I wonder if something like
the following might work

<2007-07-06--2007-26-31 17:00--19:00 +1w>

I changed the time range to also use -- as the range indicator to
provide some consistency across the date and time specifications.  It's
fine with me if that changes back to 17:00-19:00.

Another option would be to use a diary sexp.  I'm not aware of a
built-in diary function that accomplishes the above goal, but if anyone
can show me how to do this with a <%%()> timestamp I'd really appreciate


Austin Frank
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