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Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode version 5.01

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode version 5.01
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 15:16:26 +0200

It does not crash mine, so maybe this is an issue with
your Emacs version.  Would be good if you can upgrade
to 22.1, to see if the problem persists.

I also noticed that the whole column stuff does not work
correctly on Emacs 21.  I am not sure if that can be fixed,
nor how much time I want to put into fixing it, given that
it does work well on Emacs 22.

- Carsten

On Jul 3, 2007, at 10:49, Rick Moynihan wrote:

I am releasing Org-mode 5.01.  It is available at my website

Wow! A new (major) version of Org-mode! Is it just me, or does this seem like Christmas?

After removing the wrapping, I found a bug which would cause my whole Emacs session to crash violently. When running org-columns, if I call it again within a nested subtree inside the column view, Emacs crashes (Gnu Emacs

Regardless, great work!


Carsten Dominik
Sterrenkundig Instituut "Anton Pannekoek"
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Kruislaan 403
NL-1098SJ Amsterdam
phone: +31 20 525 7477

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