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[Orgmode] OT: remember'ing from other programs with stumpwm

From: Dmitri Minaev
Subject: [Orgmode] OT: remember'ing from other programs with stumpwm
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 10:39:07 +0500

Sorry for off-topic, but in the absence of stumpwm-users list, this
place is just as good as any other :)

The ability of remember-mode to store notes with links to other
buffers is great, but I always wanted to use it to store clips from
other programs, especially Firefox and Thunderbird. I do use gnus
sometimes, but I'm not proficient enough with it. At last, I installed
stumpwm window manager. After some tries and crashes, I can now select
a part of a web page in Firefox, press one key and it is pasted into a
new remember buffer. The result is like this:

* Pasted clips
** Thu Jul  5 09:36:38 2007 (eon - Mozilla Firefox)
  eon - Mozilla Firefox
  Eon is a rich content linking/annotation mechanism with multiple
  interface styles. Its primitives may be combined with each other and
  with other emacs modules to produce a variety of behaviors similar to
  the features of the above-mentioned packages.
** Thu Jul  5 10:06:17 2007 (Roman Empire: gold standard of
immigration - Los Angeles Tim)
  Roman Empire: gold standard of immigration - Los Angeles Times -
  Mozilla Firefox
  There's a widespread view that the Roman Empire was swept away mainly
  by a relentless tide of hostile outsiders; we've all heard ugly
  references to the "barbarian hordes" in today's immigration
  debates. But the truth is that Rome was the world's most successful
  multiethnic state until our own \u2014 and history's longest lasting
  one, bar none.

  So it's natural to wonder if the Romans might have anything to teach
  Americans. I'd argue that they do. One lesson is that the notion of
  "taking control of the borders" is overrated; borders were pliable
  then, and are even harder to define (or police) now. A second lesson
  is the importance of nurturing a national culture. It was the source
  of Rome's power, just as it is the source of ours.

Obviously, one thing is missing here -- the URL. Unfortunately, I
couldn't find a way to retrieve it from Firefox programmatically.
Anyway, in most occasions, it is enough to just select the URL in the
address bar and to paste it into the remember buffer with some
comments. After all, the window title often contains all the
information I need, like here:

** Thu Jul  5 10:06:40 2007 (Chinese archaeologists locate sunken ship
laden with Ming Dy)
  Chinese archaeologists locate sunken ship laden with Ming Dynasty
  porcelain - Mozilla Firefox

And, finally, Thunderbird. Once again, I cannot get the necessary
metadata other than from the window title, like here:

** Thu Jul  5 10:21:19 2007 (Re: [CLASSICS-L] Book collection software
- Thunderbird)
  Re: [CLASSICS-L] Book collection software - Thunderbird
  > > Like many Classics-L members, I'd suppose, I have too many books
  > > around, and I'd like to get some control over them. I'm looking
  for a
  > > fairly simple, fairly basic program for Mac OS X that would allow
  me to
  > > enter data like author, title, publisher, date and maybe some
  > > notes. I once used ProCite, which was quite good but is no longer
  > > available for the Mac. Offline responses would be fine:
  > > aszegedymasz*AT*wesleyan.edu

  Have you looked into LibraryThing?  Go to:

To get all this working, I just had to set up remember-mode
(shamelessly copying the instructions from the org-mode manual) and to
add the following into ~/.stumpwmrc file:

(define-stumpwm-command "emacs-remember" ()
 (let ((window-name (if (current-window) (window-title
(current-window)) "No current window")))
   (run-or-raise "emacs" :class "Emacs")
   (send-meta-key (current-screen) (kbd "M-x"))
   (window-send-string (current-window) "org-remember")
   (send-meta-key (current-screen) (kbd "RET"))
   (window-send-string (current-window) "f")
   (window-send-string (current-window) window-name)
   (send-meta-key (current-screen) (kbd "RET"))
   (window-send-string (current-window) (get-x-selection))))
(define-key *top-map* (kbd "F12") "emacs-remember")

With best regards,
Dmitri Minaev

Russian history blog: http://minaev.blogspot.com

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