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Re: [Orgmode] Suggestion: Jump points

From: Rick Moynihan
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Suggestion: Jump points
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 17:29:14 +0100
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Scott Jaderholm wrote:
On 7/11/07, Rick Moynihan <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Rick,

I'm guessing you have a really good reason for organizing your project
using lists and check boxes instead of TODOs and headings, in which

Don't count on it :)

case this email isn't really useful--but, in the extremely unlikely
event that you don't, I thought I'd note how this becomes a non-issue
if you organize your work in the following way:

* My main project outline
** TODO do something
** NEXT do this
   SCHEDULED: <2007-07-12 Thu>
** do something else

Thanks for the suggestion, I can see how this structure might be better suited for this sort of thing, and I do structure much of my org-file like this, though I hadn't thought of using a NEXT keyword.

I think my problem is that I sometimes find myself torn between outlines and lists/checkboxes. Lists/checkboxes have some advantages over outlines, though outlines are obviously more powerful. I find I tend to use lists/checkboxes for smaller tasks which are best done in sequence, and where I want to track the % of progress. Is this possible with outlines?


1. [X] Do this first
2. [X] Do this second
3. [ ] Do this collection of tasks third but in any order [66%]
   - [X] foo
   - [ ] bar
   - [X] baz
4. [ ] Do this fourth

I might well take your suggestions on board though and see how I get on. This said I can still think of situations where I might want follow-mode in the agenda to move the point directly to a bookmarked\tagged jump-point within an outline. For example, I often write quite extensive notes within an outline heading, and sometimes it might be nice to jump straight to where you were editing.


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