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[Orgmode] Feature Idea: special C-e (like special C-a)

From: Scott Jaderholm
Subject: [Orgmode] Feature Idea: special C-e (like special C-a)
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 15:39:06 -0600

I don't use tags a whole lot, but when I do I often get tripped up
using C-e to go to the end of my heading name.

Consider he following line:
* Heading

If you press C-e it will take you to after :tag:. Do most people (1)
use C-c C-c or (2) edit the tags by hand? If 1, then a special C-e
could move the pointer after Heading instead of after :tag:

Just a thought. I don't know if it would be generally useful.


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