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[Orgmode] Bugs report

From: Bastien
Subject: [Orgmode] Bugs report
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 02:01:22 +0200
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Hi Carsten and all,

i didn't find the time to explore org's new functionalities (properties
& column view), but i won't allow myself to dive into it before i send
you some bug reports and feature suggestions :)  

- The new C-e: when there is no tag on the line, C-e goes at the
  beginning of the line.

- Combining orgstruct-mode and message-mode is not okay since C-c C-c
  (the typical sequence for sending the message) makes org complaining.

- Org-mode is so powerful that i tend to use it on the top of .txt files
  (mostly drafts). It recently happened that i exported such a file to
  ASCII using org-export, and the new .txt overwrote the old file
  without asking.

- I've read all those discussions on indentation and it works just fine
  now. I shall have one request though. Consider a list item beginning
  with a checkbox:

  - [ ] This is an example.
    ^   ^
    1   2

  The next line goes directly at point 1, which is fine in most of the
  cases. But sometimes i think it's better if it goes at point 2. I
  thought TAB would do the job, and i think this expectation is quite
  natural... but i might be wrong.

- Relative filenames in links might be misleading in TODOs overview. For
  example, i list the TODOs i've to get rid of (with TODO Overview: C-c
  a T TODO RET), then i press C-c C-o on a link, then emacs opens a
  blank file because i'm not in the appropriate directory.  

  Maybe it's too complicated to make the opening of links context-aware,
  but i guess one might have some kind of kind warning here...

Hey! That's all. As you see, just being a bit fussy on tiny points. I
guess you prefered when i was forced to stay away from my computer :)

Thanks again!

PS: i'll try to make a screencast on links, 'cause i like links.


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