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[Orgmode] &

From: Renzo Been
Subject: [Orgmode] &
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 09:10:48 +0200


First of all, I've started using org-mode, and must say that it' a
real fine addition to my Aquamacs Emacs. Great work, thanx!

I do have a question concerning HTML-export:

When I write a & in an org-file, it gets exported as &
However I would like to use HTML-codes for special symbols, like:
ä é, and many others
In this way the exported HTML-file can be saved without the need for
text-encoding (I also use a PDA that does not support all
text-encodings), and can be easily read in all web-browsers...

I've got this as the first line in my org files:
# -*- mode: org; coding: raw-text-dos; -*-

I've added the next lines to my .emacs in order to replace & with
& (and remove text-encoding)

(defalias 'troep (read-kbd-macro "ESC x ibuffer RET m w ESC x
kill-buffer RET RET ESC x org-export-as-html-to-buffer RET C-x 1 ESC %
l RET l RET ! ESC % & RET & RET ! C-x C-w C-y DEL DEL DEL DEL html RET
ESC x kill-buffer RET RET C-x C-f DEL RET g ESC x kill-buffer RET C-y
(global-set-key [clear] 'troep)

Is there an other way to set org-mode to leave the & as it is when
exporting to HTML?

Or could there be conflicts because the & is also used in tables?

Or is there somewhere a list to be found with all the latex codes
(like \euro) that can be used in an org-mode file? I don't know all
these codes for special symbols in latex...

Ciao, Renzo

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