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[Orgmode] Re: Idea: Quicksilver-like Org-mode (anything.el)

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Idea: Quicksilver-like Org-mode (anything.el)
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 12:56:09 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Scott,

Scott Jaderholm <jaderholm <at> gmail.com> writes:

> With anything.el, you could add the task "Move pictures" to the
> project "Organize shared drive" by typing F5 Orga RET Move pictures
> RET.
> You could complete the task by typing F5 Move RET.

Sorry I misunderstand something but I guess this use is well covered by remember
and org-remember-templates, don't you think ?

Apart this, I also love anything.el.



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