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[Orgmode] Re: Blorg problems

From: Bastien
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Blorg problems
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 01:42:06 +0200
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Hi Rick,

Rick Moynihan <address@hidden> writes:

> Firstly it appears that my paragraphs don't render as such 

I cannot reproduce this. Can you send me the whole .org file?

> - The time of the post is always rendered something like +00 00 and
> not 12:43 This isn't a big problem as I've just disabled it with the
> format string)

I've seen this before, it will be fixed in the next release.

> - It's not clear how to render images in the output, i.e. with a <img
> src="..."/>.

For now [[file:myimage.jpg][file:myimage.jpg]] in the org file should
end up in this :

<img alt="file:myimage.jpg" src="images/myimage.jpg">

You're asked for the creation of the "images/" directory where blorg
will store the image and then a relative link is created pointing to
this image.

Hope this helps.

> - The format of Echoes appears to be fixed, yet I'd like to use them
> to generate a different order as I'd like to include the following
> HTML snippet (forgive me I can't remember the names of the includable
> properties):

I'll try to make blorg-echo-list more customizable, perhaps by allowing
to set the formatting string manually. Not sure how this can be done
right now.

> It would also be great if somebody could create an example blorg.org
> file which demonstrated all the org markup in a test-blog.


> In the future I'd also like a mechanism for exporting code blocks into
> the html (ideally with emacs syntax highlighting). It would be great
> if the org-mode colon syntax could be used to do this, e.g:
> : public int randomNumber() {
> :    return 3;  //guaranteed random number (was a fair dice roll) (xkcd)
> : }

In this example, you are using org-mode's verbatim environment (starting
with the character ":") to insert code - that means that this code won't
be highlighted according to its syntax, it will use the org-table face

I guess we need to have some information about the syntax of the code
(enclosed in such a verbatim environnement) before we can highlight it.

What about a #+BEGIN_ELISP / #+END_ELISP around the verbatim paragraph,
so that we can guess the relevant mode and call htmlize efficiently?

Carsten: working on org-export-latex.el made me think it might be useful
to have all these options :

#+BEGIN/END_HTML  : only exported in HTML format
#+BEGIN/END_LaTeX : only exported in LaTeX format
#+BEGIN/END_ELISP : call some elisp funcs before exporting this part

> I seem to remember having some other small problems and ideas about
> the whole thing, which if I remember I'll post here. Anyway, if I can
> get the paragraphs and image export working, I should be able to start
> blorging.

Please give me your org file and all information concerning those two

> Also does anyone know of any blogs online using blorg?

Yes, i know, i should use it myself :)



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