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Re: [Orgmode] Integration of Org mode and mairix

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Integration of Org mode and mairix
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 16:38:22 +0200
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Hi Georg and list,

"Georg C. F. Greve" <address@hidden> writes:

> On Fri, 20 Jul 2007 17:08:33 +0100
> Adam Spiers <address@hidden> wrote: 
>  as> Funnily enough, I implemented exactly this idea about 15 months
>  as> ago, except that my implementation uses mairix (the mail indexer),
>  as> and is mode-agnostic.
> Thanks a lot, this is most interesting and put me on the right track.
> Combining your work with that of Guy Hillenius, which he blogged at
> http://www.hillenius.net/node/44 I integrated Gnus, Mairix & Org now.

Thanks for pointing on mairix and providing an integrated solution for
org/Gnus/mairix. I tried your patch and the mairix-related elisp code,
it works fine here.

One little fix though: if Gnus is not loaded when following a mairix
link, it returns an error. Please make `org-follow-mairix-link' and
`org-follow-mairix-link-thread' (re)loading Gnus with something like:

  (require 'gnus)
  (funcall (cdr (assq 'gnus org-link-frame-setup)))
  (if gnus-other-frame-object (select-frame gnus-other-frame-object))

The "mairix" solution is especially elegant because it does not only
handle the case where you need to find a particular email, but it also
comes with lots of useful search options.

For example, if you need to check all message explicitely sent to you in
the last three days, just add a link like:

  [[mairix:d:3d- t:me]]

If you need to find mails from Carsten with "Org" in their subjects:

  [[mairix:s:Org f:Carsten]]

Caveat: for those who want to use mairix with the `nnml' Gnus backend,
install mairix >0.17.1. Debian(-based) systems will only install 0.17
and your `nnml' folders won't be indexed.


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