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[Orgmode] Re: counter-intuitive key bindings

From: Leo
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: counter-intuitive key bindings
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 19:35:17 +0100
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On 2007-07-28 12:43 +0100, Bastien wrote:
> Leo <address@hidden> writes:
>> These key bindings are to move from one set of the TODO items to
>> another, which intuitively are a vertical motion. 
> Well, I don't share this intuition.
> Since S-<left/right> cycles through TODO states, it's consistent to use
> C-S-<left/right> to cycle through TODO-states sets. 
> And since S-<up/down> changes the priority state, i guess C-S-<up/down>
> could cycle through *priority-states sets* - if any. (I actually have no
> idea whether priority-states sets would be useful to someone.)

In this case, I feel there should a consistent definition of key
bindings. One excellent example is vc, it is just so easy to remember.

I have been an regular user of org, and I have already forgotten that
S-up/down does priority change after one month's break.

Leo <sdl.web AT gmail.com>                         (GPG Key: 9283AA3F)

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