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[Orgmode] org-export-latex v0.18

From: Bastien
Subject: [Orgmode] org-export-latex v0.18
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 17:36:17 +0200
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Hi list,

i'm releasing org-export-latex v0.18:

  http://www.cognition.ens.fr/~guerry/u/org-export-latex.el [1]

The LaTeX exporter now looks for the `odd[even]' option in the startup
line and falls back on `org-odd-levels-only'. Thanks Leo for reporting
this bug.

There are two new options:

  `org-export-latex-sectioning-alist' defines the sectioning commands.
  The default is to go through these:


  `org-export-latex-remove-from-headines' specifies whether you want to
  remove todo keywords, priority cookie and tags from the headline. The
  default is to remove everything.



[1] This server seems down right now. You can get a copy on a this
    temporary mirror: http://www.legito.net/u/org-export-latex.el


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