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Re: [Orgmode] Integration of Org mode and mairix

From: Xiao-Yong Jin
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Integration of Org mode and mairix
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 12:56:18 -0400
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Hi, it seems I have almost missed the best thing in
this list.

Bastien <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi George,
> "Georg C. F. Greve" <address@hidden> writes:
>> Do you think there is any chance it would make it into the Org
>> package? I would greatly prefer not having to maintain a patch for a
>> longer period of time.
> I can understand that.  Carsten, what do you think?

I would really appreciate it.

> On the one hand, mairix is unlikely to be heavily in use among Org users
> (unless we continue praising it!), so there is no *strong* necessity of
> making Org natively interact with it. On the other hand, you cannot
> maintain mairix integration through an external library since it depends
> on `org-link-types', `org-store-link' and `org-open-at-point'.
> I would say it worth keeping it into Org. One request though: could we
> spare the cost of a new specific type for threaded searches? For example
> we could have `org-gnus-links-prefer-mairix' being either nil, 'threaded
> or t, so that you can handle the thread option as an argument, even in
> mairix-search.

Probably it's the time for us to think of a universal way to
support system dependent 3rd party index tools.  Mairix may
not be the only search tool people want to use with
org-mode, though it is my favourite and only index tool I
use for now.

>> So if you do [[mairixt:m:xyz]] it will pull out the entire thread in
>> which that message id is present, so you have the full context, which I
>> find very useful.
> Yes, i also like the fast intexing. Other people playing with it around?

Sorry, but I missed the thread.  Where can I grab the code
for support in org-mode?

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