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Re: [Orgmode] - before *, special C-a with plain lists, and * to - conve

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] - before *, special C-a with plain lists, and * to - conversion
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 10:38:29 +0200

Hi Scott,

On Aug 9, 2007, at 17:13, Scott Jaderholm wrote:

Welcome back Carsten,

I hope you enjoyed your well-deserved vacation.

#1 is a bug, #2 and #3 are feature requests (both of which sound
familiar; apologies if they've been mentioned before).

1. Type "- " at the beginning of a blank buffer and then press M-RET.
On my system it stalls but if you press C-g it will insert another
line with -, but leave the cursor on the first line. I think it's a
problem with there not being a * first.

Fixed, thanks.

2. Should special C-a on plain lists work like it does on headings?

This sounds indeed familiar, so this has been discussed before.
What do people thing who use the special C-a for headlines?  Should
we have this in items as well???

3. Is there a way to convert back and forth between headings and plain
lists? I often find myself creating a list of headings and then
deciding I'd really like it to be a plain list, or visa versa.
Handling indentation would obviously be important. Perhaps C-c - on
headings and C-u C-c - on plain lists could be used?

Piotr has a way to convert from plain list to outline in org-mouse, but
not the reverse.  I guess we could implement such a command.  I'll put
it on the list....

- Carsten

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