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Re: [Orgmode] adding subheadings

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] adding subheadings
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 08:31:07 +0200

org-insert-subheading and org-insert-todo-subheading
will be in 5.05, and work both for headings and for plain list items.

I did not implement the TODO hierarchy, that seems not something
that will be used generally.  You can hack it back in by adding
a function to the hook org-insert-heading-hook, which seems
to be the perfect place for a customization like this.

There is no keybinding for these commands yet.


- Carsten

On Jul 15, 2007, at 21:07, Adam Spiers wrote:

Hi all,

First post so go easy on me ;-)

Would something like the following be of use to anyone other than me?
(Suggested key-bindings at the bottom of the code.)

--------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< ---------
(defun org-new-subheading ()
  "Add a new heading, demoted from the current heading level."

(defun org-new-subheading-todo (&optional arg)
  "Add a new TODO item, demoted from the current heading level.

The TODO keyword for the new item can be specified by a numeric
prefix argument, as with `org-todo'.

Otherwise, if `org-subheading-todo-alist' is non-nil, it is used
to map the new keyword from the current one, and if it is nil,
the next TODO keyword in the sequence is used, or the first one
if the current heading does not have one.

This allows a TODO keyword hierarchy to be imposed, e.g.
if org-subheading-todo-alist is

  '((\"MASTERPLAN\" . \"PROJECT\")
    (\"PROJECT\"    . \"NEXTACTION\")

then invoking this function four times would yield:

  (interactive "P")
    (looking-at org-todo-line-regexp))
  (let* ((current-keyword (match-string 2))
          (if arg
              (nth (1- (prefix-numeric-value arg))
             (and current-keyword
(or (car (assoc current-keyword org-subheading-todo-alist)) (cadr (member current-keyword org-todo-keywords-1))))
             (car org-todo-keywords-1)))))
    (insert new-keyword " ")))

(defcustom org-subheading-todo-alist nil
  "An associative map to help define which TODO keyword should be
used for new subheadings, depending on the current heading's TODO
keyword.  See the documentation for `org-new-subheading-todo' for
an example."
  :group 'org-todo
  :type '(alist :key-type   (string :tag "Current heading keyword")
                :value-type (string :tag "New sub-heading keyword")))

(org-defkey org-mode-map [(meta j)]       'org-new-subheading)
(org-defkey org-mode-map [(shift meta j)] 'org-new-subheading-todo)
--------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< --------- 8< ---------

I would have preferred to make the defcustom have a radio button list
of existing TODO keywords for the alist keys and values, rather than
freeform strings, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to refer to
to org-todo-keywords-1.

Finally, what's the preferred way to submit patches?  Is there a
revision-controlled repository available anywhere?


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