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[Orgmode] Re: [POLL] How do you enter your tasks/todos ?

From: Rainer Stengele
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: [POLL] How do you enter your tasks/todos ?
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 14:40:08 +0200
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Renzo Been schrieb:
> ,-----
> | Well,
> | 
> | My org/GTD usage would be as follows:
> | 
> | I do not use remember and I do not use the
> | calendar/diary. I just keep it simple...
> | 
> | I have one main .org file and edit that
> | directly.
> | In this file I've made top level
> | headings that cover all the things I'm busy on
> | (they are named: * work, * shopping, * Internet
> | etc)
> | 
> | These headings kind of make up for the "context"
> | choosing part of GTD
> | 
> | I try to schedule most of the TODO's that I
> | enter into the .org-file. In that way I can use
> | the org-agenda to see what I should do next.
> | 
> | But what I find the biggest advantage of using
> | org-mode is the fact that everything can be done
> | by editing a simple plain-text document...
> | That's useful for me because I've got a MAC at
> | home, Windows at my work and in the library, and
> | an old PDA (that's also happy with plain-text)
> | for on the road...
> | 
> | I also export the .org file, so I can get a nice
> | overview of what I need to get done in a html or
> | pdf document.  Another good thing about org-mode
> | is that you can also use it as a
> | word-processor-look-a-like. By using .css-files
> | or latex it's very easy to produce a good
> | looking document from a plain-text org-file...
> | 
> | The only thing I'm not so sure about yet is on
> | using tags or priorities in my org-file. I have
> | not found a good way to use those yet... And I
> | also wonder how they could fit into GTD... As
> | long as I can schedule most of the TODO's, I
> | don't think I need to set priorities
> | anyway... And my use of very obvious headings,
> | kind of excludes the use of tags...
> | 
> | That's how I do it... but I think everyone will
> | find their own way of using org/GTD...
> | 
> | Ciao,
> | Renzo
> | 
> | Bytheway, another good option for practicing GTD
> | would be http://www.tiddlywiki.com I
> | think they even have discussions about GTD, just
> | search for GTD in they group-archives at
> | http://groups.google.com/group/TiddlyWiki/
> `-----

Hi Renzo,

using well selected top level headings is also what I do.
My setting is:

One org file for work, named it "WORK.org", one for private stuff
"PRIVAT.org". In the WORK org file I also cover customer projects.
If these get too big in size I save the contents in a "<CUSTOMER>.org" file.
Working at the customers site for example I can easily document all
stuff in that file separately and can also easily htmlize it afterwards
as a report.

My GTD contexts are indicated by tags.
Big advantage: I am not forced to have my todo sorted under the right
toplevel heading.
Sometimes it takes a long time to determine if a todo should be sorted
under "* work" or "* internet" or whatever.
I just tag it with "@WORK" and "@INTERNET" and find it wherever I am
just sitting in my org file.
If in a hurry I just even do not think about the toplevel heading but
just write the todo (org mode does make it so easy!) anywhere in the
file and tag it with the context where I want to do the stuff.
Agenda view will find the todo no matter wher I placed it!
With custom agenda view I easily get to see all todos for my current
context. A dream!

Thats part of my setting and my thoughts, I hope I did understand your
setting correct. Maybe this was helpful.
If anybody has a comment I will be glad to read it.

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I still struggle with the definition of stuck projects.


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