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[Orgmode] dynamic blocks

From: cezar
Subject: [Orgmode] dynamic blocks
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 12:14:28 +0300
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  I am trying to use dynamic blocks to create a summary for my clocked
work. The problem is that It's a bit unfriendly, meaning I would expect
some way to easily change the date (something like, go to tommorow; or
go to next day) cause for each day I need to go to the block, change
the address manually and hit C-u C-c C-x C-u to update the table.
  Also maybe a range would be cool in which I can get the daily
clocked summary, not a sum of them for the entire range.

This is how my block looks like:

#+BEGIN: clocktable :tstart "<2006-08-10 Thu 10:00>"
                              :tend "<2006-08-10 Thu 12:00>"
#+END: clocktable

Any advice is appreciated.

Best regards,

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