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Re: [Orgmode] Bug: all todos receive a once used timestamp in agenda vie

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Bug: all todos receive a once used timestamp in agenda view
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 22:37:40 +0200

Fixed, thanks.

Sorry for the mess.

- Carsten

On Aug 24, 2007, at 20:52, Rainer Stengele wrote:

Carsten Dominik schrieb:
Here is a quick update, bug fixes plus a few small features.
Only on my website, not yet in Emacs - I don't have time right now.
- Carsten
Changes in version 5.06
* Overview
  - Improved export of single (sub)trees.
  - New possibilities for C-a and C-e.
  - Command to set a tag in many headlines
  - Changed default for org-cycle-global-at-bob.
  - Bug fixes.
* Details
  - When exporting only a region and this region is a single
    (sub)tree (for example selected with `C-c @'), the title for
    the exported document is taken to be the heading of the
    subtree.  The sublevels become top-level entries in the
    export.  Furthermore, if the head entry of the tree has or
    inherits an EXPORT_FILE_NAME property, that file name (with
    appropriately substituted extension) will be used for the
    exported tree.  Thanks to Patrick Drechsler and Jost Burkart
    for these ideas.
  - org-special-ctrl-a/e has a third allowed value, `reversed'.
    When it is set to this value, the first C-a or C-e command
    behaves normally, i.e. it goes to the true beginning or end
    of the line.  Only when you press C-a or C-e immediately
    again, the the "special" position will be found.  Additional
    presses of the same key jump between the two positions.  I
    like this a lot better than the `t' setting, because now the
    keys behave more predictable and still give easy access to
    the special locations.
  - New command to set or remove a tag from all headlines in a
  - When Org-mode visits a file, it will initially hide all
  - The default of the variable `org-cycle-global-at-bob' is now
    nil, meaning that TAB no longer does global visibility
    cycling at the beginning of the buffer.
  - Bug fixes, in particular the problems with scheduling and
    deadlines introduced in 5.05.  Please check carefully if
    this works correctly again, and complain if not.

Hello Carsten, thank you for the fast update!

I think a new bug appeared:
Defining a daytime specific schedule for a todo it happens that a lot (the rest? all appearing after the todo) of todos will also wrongly show the time as schedule time in agenda view. This appears to stay for all todos of the same day. For the next day the agenda view is ok again.

Ah I checked again - all TODOs following a TODO with timestamped schedule receive the same time stampuntil another time specific schedule appears. After that all todos again receive the last timestamp.


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