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[Orgmode] New faces in org-mode ??

From: William Case
Subject: [Orgmode] New faces in org-mode ??
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 20:23:18 -0400


I have made the following change in my org-mode:

     (setq org-todo-keywords '("TODO" "WAIT" "MAYBE" "DONE")
           org-todo-interpretation 'sequence)

Actually, I am not sure if that is final variable change, but that was
what was suggested in the documentation.  In fact, I M-x cutomize-group
RET org-mode, then added "WAIT" and "MAYBE" to org TODO keywords and
saved for future sessions. 

"TODO" "WAIT" "MAYBE" all show with 'red1' faces while "DONE" is in
forest green.  How do I cutomize org-mode so that "WAIT" and "MAYBE"
have their own itemization in custom-org-faces and then make each have
their own face colour?

Regards Bill

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