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Re: [Orgmode] export to html bug?

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] export to html bug?
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 14:42:02 +0200

That must have been broken ever since properties were introduced.
This happen when a property drawer is folded, but the first
line is visible when you call an export command for visible

Will be fixed in the next release, hopefully.

- Carsten

On Aug 25, 2007, at 11:14, Rainer Stengele wrote:

Carsten Dominik schrieb:
Is this a new bug, did it work before?
have you changed your config, for example using
- Carsten
On Aug 25, 2007, at 0:39, Rainer Stengele wrote:
Carsten Dominik schrieb:
Version 5.06b fixes the bugs mentioned here in the last few hours.
Thanks for keeping the quality control up!  I could not do this
without you all.
- Carsten

"C-c a e" does not export anything for me. Error message is:

"before first heading".


now with 5.06e export works again for the whole buffer ("C-c C-e b").
For "C-c C-e v b" it stops with this error message:

:END: line missing

How can I find where that line is missing?


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