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[Orgmode] Re: struggling with fixed date entries

From: Rainer Stengele
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: struggling with fixed date entries
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 10:13:25 +0200
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Bernt Hansen schrieb:
Rainer Stengele <address@hidden> writes:

I wonder what is the best way to work with fixed dates in org.
I do not want to them entered as "SCHEDULED".

Say I have a meeting on a certain date.
I do not want to enter it as a todo, as for me it is not really a todo
but a simple meeting which is done when it is over.
If I enter it as a simple headline (todo or no todo) and schedule it
it will show up after the meeting as due until I mark it as "DONE" or
delete the schedule.

Now I could use the diary. Agenda view will show the event and
complain no more after it is past. Disadvantage: I cannot org-tag the
diary entry.
As I do not use the diary and diary functions are included in org I
can use something like:

   * Fixed date event                                  :@LOCATION:
     <%%(diary-date 29 08 2007)>

which is ugly and cannot be entered with the help of the calendar (as
by "C-c C-s"

What do you think? Would it be a good idea to at least support the
entering of a "diary-date" by a org function directly with the help of
the calendar? Maybe create a third type of schedule type: "FIXED"
besides of "SCHEDULED" and "DEADLINE"?

How do you manage fixed events?

What's wrong with just using a regular date?

* Test
<2007-08-27 Mon 10:00-11:00>

It shows up on the agenda on the date and time specified similar to a
diary entry.

Huh, that was easy, thank you!

Why didn't I find it? I was too deep into "SCHEDULED" and "DEADLINE" thinking and simply did not read the docs fully:

Plain time stamp
A simple time stamp just assigns a date/time to an item. This is just like writing down an appointment in a paper agenda, or like writing down an event in a diary, when you want to take note of when something happened. In the timeline and agenda displays, the headline of an entry associated with a plain time stamp will be shown exactly on that date.

         * Meet Peter at the movies <2006-11-01 Wed 19:15>
         * Discussion on climate change <2006-11-02 Thu 20:00-22:00>

Sorry for stealing your time. And thanks again.


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