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Re: [Orgmode] Re: bug in version 5.06

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Re: bug in version 5.06
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 23:49:23 +0200

On Aug 27, 2007, at 18:33, J. David Boyd wrote:
Hmm, I do see this when I do a Ctl-h k on the <tab> key:

<tab> runs the command org-cycle
which is an interactive Lisp function in `/home/Dave/.emacs.d/org-5.06/org.el'.

It is bound to <tab>, TAB, <menu-bar> <Tbl> <Next Field>, <menu-bar>
<Org> <Show/Hide> <Cycle Visibility>.  (org-cycle &optional arg)

Visibility cycling for Org-mode.

- When this function is called with a prefix argument, rotate the entire
  buffer through 3 states (global cycling)
  1. OVERVIEW: Show only top-level headlines.
  2. CONTENTS: Show all headlines of all levels, but no body text.
  3. SHOW ALL: Show everything.

- When point is at the beginning of a headline, rotate the subtree started
  by this line through 3 different states (local cycling)
  1. FOLDED:   Only the main headline is shown.
  2. CHILDREN: The main headline and the direct children are shown.
               From this state, you can move to one of the children
               and zoom in further.
  3. SUBTREE:  Show the entire subtree, including body text.

- When there is a numeric prefix, go up to a heading with level arg, do
  a `show-subtree' and return to the previous cursor position.  If arg
  is negative, go up that many levels.

- When point is not at the beginning of a headline, execute
  `indent-relative', like TAB normally does.  See the option
  `org-cycle-emulate-tab' for details.

- Special case: if point is at the beginning of the buffer and there is
no headline in line 1, this function will act as if called with prefix arg.

Yes, this need to be updated. The behavior you describe was seen as too confusing, therefore it has been turne off. However, this is Emacs, so you can of course:

M-x org-customize RET

open the Org Structure Group
open the Org Cycle group

there you see the variable org-cycle-global-at-bob

The default is now nil, set it back to t if you want.
However, S-TAB works always, I think it is the better option.

- Carsten

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