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Re: [Orgmode] Not using GTD

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Not using GTD
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 07:44:54 +0200

What is your version of org-mode?

   C-h v org-version RET

My guess is that you are not using the latest version of org-mode.
John is using some features like `org-remember-store-without-prompt'
which was implemented only very recently.

- Carsten

On Aug 28, 2007, at 23:53, Sven Bretfeld wrote:


On Mon, Aug 27, 2007 at 08:19:12PM +0200, Carsten Dominik wrote:


I don't start a new thread for my question since it is a problem
directly connected to this wonderful article by John Wiegley.

Since I'm quite new to Emacs and Org-mode I followed his instructions
step by step, including the configuration of the init file and the
proposed templates and file names. But I encountered some problems.

- When I start remember to "fire in" a new task, the template is
  correctly loaded after hitting `t' and I can enter a new TODO. Then,
  when I'm hitting C-c C-c Emacs asks me for a file
  name proposing a non-existing ~/org/ as the default. I have to
  manually change this to ~/todo.org, which is the file name used in
  John's configuration. This should not be so, I think.

- Anyway, I added some tasks in this way. Then I looked at my
  todo.org. According to John I should look like:

  * Tasks
  #+CATEGORY: Tasks
  ** TODO something
   [2007-08-28 Die]
  ** TODO something else
   [2007-08-28 Die]

  But in my case it looks like:

  * Tasks
  ** TODO something
   [2007-08-28 Die]
  ** TODO something else
   [2007-08-28 Die]
  #+CATEGORY: Tasks

  In other words, to TODO lines and the corresponding time stamps are

As an Emacs newbee I have no idea what could have gone wrong.

I'm using Emacs on Debian Etch. I give the relevant part of
my .emacs down below. It's exactly the same as in John's article
(except for the load-paths, the path of the templates and the
key-binding for remember).

Thank you for help.



; .emacs
;; Org-Mode
(setq load-path (cons "~/elisp/org" load-path))
(require 'org-install)

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.org$" . org-mode))

(define-key mode-specific-map [?a] 'org-agenda)

(eval-after-load "org"
     (define-prefix-command 'org-todo-state-map)

     (define-key org-mode-map "\C-cx" 'org-todo-state-map)

     (define-key org-todo-state-map "x"
       #'(lambda nil (interactive) (org-todo "CANCELLED")))
     (define-key org-todo-state-map "d"
       #'(lambda nil (interactive) (org-todo "DONE")))
     (define-key org-todo-state-map "f"
       #'(lambda nil (interactive) (org-todo "DEFERRED")))
     (define-key org-todo-state-map "l"
       #'(lambda nil (interactive) (org-todo "DELEGATED")))
     (define-key org-todo-state-map "s"
       #'(lambda nil (interactive) (org-todo "STARTED")))
     (define-key org-todo-state-map "w"
       #'(lambda nil (interactive) (org-todo "WAITING")))

     (define-key org-agenda-mode-map "\C-n" 'next-line)
     (define-key org-agenda-keymap "\C-n" 'next-line)
     (define-key org-agenda-mode-map "\C-p" 'previous-line)
     (define-key org-agenda-keymap "\C-p" 'previous-line)))

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/elisp/remember")
(require 'remember)

(add-hook 'remember-mode-hook 'org-remember-apply-template)

(define-key global-map "\C-cr" 'remember)

 '(org-agenda-files (quote ("~/todo.org")))
 '(org-default-notes-file "~/notes.org")
 '(org-agenda-ndays 7)
 '(org-deadline-warning-days 14)
 '(org-agenda-show-all-dates t)
 '(org-agenda-skip-deadline-if-done t)
 '(org-agenda-skip-scheduled-if-done t)
 '(org-agenda-start-on-weekday nil)
 '(org-reverse-note-order t)
 '(org-fast-tag-selection-single-key (quote expert))
   (quote (("d" todo "DELEGATED" nil)
           ("c" todo "DONE|DEFERRED|CANCELLED" nil)
           ("w" todo "WAITING" nil)
           ("W" agenda "" ((org-agenda-ndays 21)))
           ("A" agenda ""
              (lambda nil
(org-agenda-skip-entry-if (quote notregexp) "\\=.*\\[#A\\]")))
             (org-agenda-ndays 1)
(org-agenda-overriding-header "Today's Priority #A tasks: ")))
           ("u" alltodo ""
              (lambda nil
(org-agenda-skip-entry-if (quote scheduled) (quote deadline)
                                          (quote regexp) "<[^>\n]+>")))
(org-agenda-overriding-header "Unscheduled TODO entries: "))))))
 '(org-remember-store-without-prompt t)
   (quote ((116 "* TODO %?\n  %u" "~/documents/todo.txt" "Tasks")
           (110 "* %u %?" "~/documents/notes.txt" "Notes"))))
 '(remember-annotation-functions (quote (org-remember-annotation)))
 '(remember-handler-functions (quote (org-remember-handler))))

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