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[Orgmode] Example .org-files at the web

From: Daniel Clemente
Subject: [Orgmode] Example .org-files at the web
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 17:32:49 +0200

  I'm looking for .org files at the web, for instance:
- to test if org.el is working correctly (therefore I need a correct file)
- to show the features of org-mode to a friend
- to get a fast overview of the type of things that org-mode offers
just after installing it
- to accompany a tutorial
- to give real examples of how to write a document
- ...
   But it's hard to find them. I expected to find some at the website.
I thought: maybe the documentation is written in org-mode, and I
changed .html to .org, but no luck; it's written in texinfo.
   Anyway: can you upload some? Or would it be useful to include an
example in the package?

   If you publish some tutorial written with org-mode, it would be
good to publish the source too! Then other people can learn from it.

   What do you think?


PS: an example I found:

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