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[Orgmode] Re: Example of thesis in org-mode and LaTeX

From: ignotus
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Example of thesis in org-mode and LaTeX
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 12:53:17 +0100
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>>>>> Regarding 'Re: Example of thesis in org-mode and LaTeX'; Bastien adds:

  > For example, if the point is on a checkbox, C-c C-c will toggle it.
  > But what if the point is not exactly at a position where Org's C-c
  > C-c have a specific meaning?  The email will be sent, which might
  > surprise the user.  For now I solve this by not using Org's C-c C-c
  > key while composing an email, but there might be better solution.

Let me put in my 500 Forints (Hungarian money), maybe someone did not
know about it and will find it useful.

Accidentally typing "C-c C-c" bit me a couple of times when I was
experimenting with sticky keys and other accessibility features.

I found a nice little solution to this problem, disabling the
message-send-and-exit command:

| (disable-command 'message-send-and-exit)

Now when I press "C-c C-c" I get a warning buffer and I have to confirm
it by pressing space.  So sending a message is "C-c C-c SPC" for me,
which is cool and I can cancel the sending with "C-g" or "n" if I want

Have a nice day,

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