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Re: [Orgmode] Level specification in refiling target

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Level specification in refiling target
Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2007 21:32:09 +0000
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Wanrong Lin <address@hidden> writes:

> I have a line like this (copied from the org release notes)
> (setq org-refile-targets '((org-agenda-files . (:level . 2))))
> My intention was to have all headings in level 2 AND level 1 in the
> target list. But it seems only level 2 headings are in the list. Is
> there a way to do it? If not, can we consider adding that? Thanks a
> lot.

This makes sense.

Here is a dumb patch against Org 5.16b that should implement the
expected behavior.  

diff -u /home/guerry/elisp/testing/org-5.16b/ 
--- /home/guerry/elisp/testing/org-5.16b/org.el 2007-12-04 08:40:13.000000000 
+++ /home/guerry/elisp/testing/tmp/org.el       2007-12-09 21:23:48.000000000 
@@ -13486,7 +13486,7 @@
        ((eq (car desc) :regexp)
        (setq descre (cdr desc)))
        ((eq (car desc) :level)
-       (setq descre (concat "^\\*\\{" (number-to-string
+       (setq descre (concat "^\\*\\{1," (number-to-string
                                        (if org-odd-levels-only
                                            (1- (* 2 (cdr desc)))
                                          (cdr desc)))

Diff finished.  Sun Dec  9 21:23:55 2007

I'm not sure it's the right thing to do, though.  Maybe it's better to
let the user define the level as a string of the form "1,2" (for levels
one to two, or "2,5" (for levels 2 to 5) or "5," etc.


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