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Re: [Orgmode] Re: V5.16b: C-c a e no more functioning

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Re: V5.16b: C-c a e no more functioning
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 15:12:17 +0000
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Rainer Stengele <address@hidden> writes:

> thanks for asking, but I cannot not send the complete trace with
> Thunderbird editor because of the special characters.  Pasting the
> text stops at some place in the middle.

Ok, no problem.  Thanks for the complete backtrace.

Please test the patch below and tell me if it fixes the issue.  If it
doesn't, maybe it's better to continue the bugtracking off-list...

diff -u /home/guerry/elisp/testing/org/ /home/guerry/elisp/testing/temp2/org.el
--- /home/guerry/elisp/testing/org/org.el       2007-12-04 08:40:13.000000000 
+++ /home/guerry/elisp/testing/temp2/org.el     2007-12-10 15:08:16.000000000 
@@ -19267,8 +19267,8 @@
       (while cmds
        (setq cmd (pop cmds)
              thiscmdkey (car cmd)
-             opts (nth 3 cmd)
-             files (nth 4 cmd))
+             opts (nth 4 cmd)
+             files (nth 5 cmd))
        (if (stringp files) (setq files (list files)))
        (when files
          (eval (list 'let (append org-agenda-exporter-settings opts pars)

Diff finished.  Mon Dec 10 15:08:22 2007


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