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Re: [Orgmode] New variable request: org-archive-todo-only

From: Wanrong Lin
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] New variable request: org-archive-todo-only
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 23:30:41 -0500
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Bastien wrote:
Wanrong Lin <address@hidden> writes:

In my org file I have a mix of "actionable" items (TODO items) and
informative items (notes, references and etc). Normally I only archive
TODO items when they are done, and don't archive informative items
(since most of them have some long-term value). So, can we add a new
variable to "org-archive-todo-only" to control the behavior of following

1. org-archive-subtree
2. org-archive-all-done

Good idea!

Maybe this could be more general like this:

(setq org-archive-maybe '((plain . never)
                          (todo  . confirm)
                          (done  . always)))

where "plain" refers to informative entries (no TODO keyword), "todo"
refers to entries with a TODO keyword, "done" refers to entries with a done-state TODO keyword.

This would apply for both org-archive-subtree and org-archive-all-done.

Maybe we could refine it a bit and have:


where the "$" sign means: always archive this todo keyword without
asking (i.e. override the value or `org-archive-maybe')

This certainly will cover my own needs and is more flexible (which is one major reason why I use org-mode) than what I proposed. Thank you and look forward to having it in the future releases.


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