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Re: [Orgmode] emacs on the N800

From: Adam Spiers
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] emacs on the N800
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 17:06:52 +0000
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On Wed, Dec 12, 2007 at 08:33:18AM -0800, Daniel M German wrote:
>                                      ^^^^^^
>  Adam> Did you mean x11vnc?  This isn't available in any of the OS2007
>  Adam> repositories yet :-/
>  >> it from my desktop). The first shows the stylus virtual keyboard, and
>  >> the second the full screen. Depending on your eyes, you can zoom out
>  >> to view up to 100 lines of text and still read it.
>  Adam> Today I became the very proud owner of a shiny new N810.  This thing
>  Adam> rocks!  It's the slickest Linux-powered unified gizmo I have ever
>  Adam> seen.  It didn't take long to get set it up so I could ssh in as root
>  Adam> and do operations with apt-get.  Python is already running nicely ;-)
>  Adam> However, the main reason for buying it was to try to get an
>  Adam> ultra-portable version of org-mode, so I'd be *really* grateful if you
>  Adam> could guide me through how you cross-compiled it for the N800.  Then
>  Adam> I'll try the same on the N810 and maybe even publish a package
>  Adam> repository with it in.  *Any* help would be much appreciated.
> Check maemo.org (look for SDK). You need a linux computer (preferable
> running debian). You have to download around 0.5 gigs of packages but
> it is relatively straightforward. There is a good tutorial on how to
> do it.

Yes, I found that and set off a torrent download of the Chinook VMware
scratchbox environment last night.  It had finished this morning but I
can't find where it put it :-/

> Now that the N810 has a physical keyboard more people will be inclined
> to run emacs on it. I personally run it only for remember and when
> connecting remotely into it. 

My main goal is to be able to do regular reviews (reprioritization,
scheduling etc.) when roaming.  Hopefully org-mouse.el will help with

> On the other hand I have read that emacs23 has support for this type
> of devices, but I have not compiled it yet.

Interesting!  Do you have any more details on the kind of extra support?

> The 2008 apps are still being few and scarce. For that reason I have
> set up a dual boot in my N800.

That sounds clever.  I have yet to find good docs explaining how the
mounting scheme works with the internal flash memory.

> One more issue. You won't have space in the internal memory to install
> it. You need to format a card using ext2, and then mount it (internal
> or external) and symlink to it.

The N810 only has one external slot, but it does have a built-in 2GB
card.  I'd be pretty worried if emacs couldn't fit in that!  But I
don't know how to install to it rather than the internal memory.

> Alternatively you can install the OS in an external card and boot
> into it (my preferred choice).

Again, would be very interested to know how this works.

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