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Re: [Orgmode] update-org script

From: Pete Phillips
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] update-org script
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 19:17:57 +0000

Hi Harald.

 Harald> The "shell script to simplify upgrading to the newest release"
 Harald> as found on the home page under the Downloads section,
 Harald> does no longer work as far as I understand.

Oops. I really should put something in my system to make sure I check
that I have uploaded the newest versions!

 Harald> Most important first: the script should read:
 Harald> # get the tar file
 Harald> # [must be a generic name, not a versioned one like org-5.16b.tar.gz]
 Harald> #wget http://staff.science.uva.nl/~dominik/Tools/org/org.tar.gz
 Harald> wget http://orgmode.org/org.tar.gz
 Harald> Obviously, the name of the tar ball must get changed.

Yeah. I have fixed my copy of this already!  :-)

 Harald> # directory where the org directory is located
 Harald> dir=emacs/lisp
 Harald> DIR=$HOME/$dir 
 Harald> # make sure we have the lisp dir
 Harald> # note that 'mkdir -p $DIR' would not work
 Harald> # mkdir(1): "The user must have write permission in the parent 
 Harald> mkdir -p $dir

I can only assume that you are editing the script to put org-mode in a
system directory ?  In that case you will either need to run it as root,
or at least make sure you own the lowest level directory in the ORGDIR
variable.  The line from the manual just means that if you are trying to


and only /usr/share exists at at that time (usually owned by root) then
the command will fail as you can't write into the direcory.

You could solve this by doing something like this (as root):

    mkdir /usr/src/emacs
    chown YOURNAMEHERE /usr/src/emacs

Then set 
and you should be set.

Personally I like to keep my lisp files in my home directory.

 Harald> Finally, I suggest a simpler ORGVER line, the argument to ``-f''
 Harald> is apparently system dependent, in my case it must read ``-f9'':
 Harald> # what is the new directory name?
 Harald> # (yes I could use awk, but I can write this line faster than I could 
 Harald> # check out the man page)
 Harald> #ORGVER=`tar tvf $TMPTAR | head -1 | sed 's/  */ /g' | cut -d' ' -f6`
 Harald> ORGVER=`tar tf $TMPTAR | head -1`

Doh!  I wish I'd thought of that!  My only excuse is that my fingers
have certain UNIX commands pre-programmed into them - anytime I use tar
I invariably add the 'v' flag (been doing that for 20 years), and made
the task more complex!

I have uploaded a new version here:


Thanks for your comments.


PS: Carsten - can you change the link on the org-mode page to point to
my philfam location ? Cheers. Pete

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