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[Orgmode] help with modifying a bit of code in .emacs

From: Graham Smith
Subject: [Orgmode] help with modifying a bit of code in .emacs
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 19:11:57 +0000

I have been using the set up provided by John Wiegley on a Mac and have tried to to use it with Emacs32 wbut with some problems as the custom-set-variables command seemed to badly interact with the Emacs32w custom-set-variables.

I have been trying to rewrite the code to avoid the custom-set-variables in .emacs but have finally come unstuck with this bit:

;(setq org-agenda-custom-commands
;             '(("d" todo #("DELEGATED" nil)
;          ("c" todo #("DONE|DEFERRED|CANCELLED" nil)
;          ("w" todo #("WAITING" nil)
;              ("W" agenda "" ((org-agenda-ndays 21)))
;     ("A" agenda ""
;        ((org-agenda-skip-function
;         (lambda nil
;               (org-agenda-skip-entry-if (quote notregexp) "\\=.*\\[#A\\]")))
;               (org-agenda-ndays 1)
;               (org-agenda-overriding-header "Today's Priority #A tasks: ")))
;("u" alltodo ""
;  (lambda nil
;    (org-agenda-skip-entry-if (quote scheduled) (quote deadline)
;                  (quote regexp) "<[^>\n]+>")))
;(org-agenda-overriding-header "Unscheduled TODO entries: "))))))

I am getting An error has occurred while loading `c:/Home/.emacs':

"Invalid read syntax: Invalid string property list" error when launching Emacs and narrowed it down to this bit of code. Can anyone point out where this is wrong. The rest of it loads OK, its just this bit which is failing.

Can anyone help.

Many thanks,


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