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[Orgmode] Smart node selection for org-remember-templates?

From: Adr3nal D0S
Subject: [Orgmode] Smart node selection for org-remember-templates?
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 13:31:27 -0600

I have an org-mode file that I am using to log what I do at work. It
comes in very handy for my weekly and monthly reports. The basic
structure is like:

* 2007
** Dec
*** Tuesday 18
**** What I did #1
**** What I did #2

I recently started using remember with org-mode.  Love it.

However, is it possible to setup an org-remember-template for entering
these items? I tried something like:

(setq org-remember-templates '((?l "**** %?" "path-to/worklog.org" "*** %t")))

Obviously %t isn't going to give me 'Tuesday 18'.  But it was a first
attempt.  What I didn't expect was a literal org-mode node named "%t".

Is what I am trying even possible with the current org-remember-templates?

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