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[Orgmode] Org-mode version 5.17

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode version 5.17
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 07:28:42 +0100


I am releasing version 5.17 of org-mode, hopefully the last
release before the holidays.  Lots of stuff is still on my TODO list,
but this is how far I have gotten.

Enjoy, and happy holidays.

- Carsten

Changes in Version 5.17



    - When cutting, pasting, or moving subtrees and items, the
      empty lines *before* the subtree/item now belong to the
      part and will be moved with it.  There is one exception to
      this rule: If the first child is moved down (or,
      equivalently, the second is moved up), the amount of empty
      lines *above* the first child to be moved along with it is
      limited by the number of empty lines *below* it.  This
      sounds complicated, but it allows to have extra empty space
      before the first child and still have good behavior of the
      subtree motion commands.

    - Plain lists items work the same.

    I believe we have finally nailed this one.  Thanks to Daniel
    Pittman for bring this up again and to Eric Schulte for
    pointing out that it is the empty lines *before* an entry
    that really count.

    This change was non-trivial, please give it a good test and
    let me know about any problems.


    - The new command `org-remember-goto-last-stored' will jump
      to the location of the remember note stored most recently.
      If you have `org-remember' on a key like `C-c r', then you
      can go to the location with a double prefix arg: `C-u C-u
      C-c r'.  This was a proposal by Rainer Stengele.

    - Template items that are being prompted for can now specify
      a default value and a completion table.  Furthermore,
      previous inputs at a specific prompt are captured in a
      history variable.  For example:

       %^{Author|Roald Dahl|Thomas Mann|Larry Niven}

      will prompt for an author name.  Pressing RET without
      typing anything will select "Roald Dahl".  Completion will
      give you any of the three names.  And a history will be
      kept, so you can use the arrow keys to get to previous
      input.  The history is tied to the prompt.  By using the
      same prompt in different templates, you can build a history
      across templates.  The ideas for this came from proposals
      by Bastien and Adam.

    - When a remember template contains the string `%!', the note
      will be stored immediately after all template parts have
      been filled in, so you don't even have to press `C-c
      C-c'. The was a proposal by Adam Spiers.


    - `org-refile-targets' has a new parameter to specify a
      maximum level for target selection.  Thanks to Wanrong Lin
      for this proposal.

    - When the new option `org-refile-use-outline-path' is set,
      refile targets will be presented like a file path to the
      completion interface: "level 1/level 2/level 3".  This
      may be the fastest interface yet to get to a certain
      outline entry.  Do we need to use this interface in other
      places?  Thanks to Jose Ruiz for this proposal.

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