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[Orgmode] Bug: org-agenda-file-regexp not used in org.el?

From: Wanrong Lin
Subject: [Orgmode] Bug: org-agenda-file-regexp not used in org.el?
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 16:28:57 -0500
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I am trying to customize the org-agenda-file-regexp variable to exclude those auto backup files starting with "#", but found out the regexp does not have any effect on agend file list. And I further found out it seems the variable org-agenda-file-regexp is not used in org.el at all. In function "org-agenda-files", the regular expression is hard coded to "\\.org\\'", as in these two lines:

(if (file-directory-p f)
    (directory-files f t "\\.org\\'")

I wonder whether this is a bug and should be fixed. Thank you.


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