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[Orgmode] Problem with moving outline branches

From: Chris Randle
Subject: [Orgmode] Problem with moving outline branches
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 17:09:09 -0000

Hi All

I believe that there have been some recent changes to the way that
trailing blank lines at the end of nodes are treated. Most (but not all)
of my notes under nodes have a single trailing line before the next
node, for example:

* Task 1
** Task 1a
** Task 1b
   Notes for 1b

** Task 1c
   Notes for 1c

** Task 1d
* Task 2

If the tree is fully expanded, and I place the cursur on "** Task 1b"
and do M-down, the nodes 1b and 1c are re-ordered as expected.

If the tree us exanded to only the 2nd level, as follows:

* Task 1
** Task 1a
** Task 1b...
** Task 1c...
** Task 1d
* Task 2

And I do a M-down on node 1b, "** Task 1b" is visually tacked on to the
end of  the line occupied by "** Task 1c".

In this instance it seems to be cosmetic, as closing and opening the
tree fixes the visual corruption, but I've had other instances (not
reproduced) where I've moved things up and down a few times in a more
complex tree, and the "corruption" is not just visual: nodes becomes
subsumed by others.

I'm using Windows XP, Emacs 22.1.1, Org-mode 5.17a

Chris Randle

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