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[Orgmode] Solutions for making org-files portable [was: my GTD setup]

From: Sven Bretfeld
Subject: [Orgmode] Solutions for making org-files portable [was: my GTD setup]
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 17:26:11 +0100
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Hi Adam

Adam Spiers <address@hidden> writes:

> this was my main motivation for getting a Nokia N810 with
> emacs running on it - because I frequently find myself away from the
> computer with a few minutes of dead time here or there (travelling
> etc.) which I could use for reviewing.

That's an old dream of mine. Having a portable Emacs with me, mainly
to use org-mode, bbdb, Gnus etc. Is it easy and save to install Emacs
on the N810? In that case I will consider spending the money. How
about CVS and ssh? (I keep my org-files controlled by CVS to
synchronize between different machines.)

I would be interested what other people do to have their org-based
data available when they are not in front of a computer. Do you use
paper? Or a PDA with a compatible application? What else?



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