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[Orgmode] Displaying a standalone timer window based on clock-in/out

From: Jose Robins
Subject: [Orgmode] Displaying a standalone timer window based on clock-in/out
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2008 11:14:41 -0700
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Before I was aware of org-mode, I developed this small superkaramba timer application which would display which task I was working on, when I started it, how much time was left, and also the current time. I've attached a snapshot of that app to this email.

Now I'm using org-mode extensively which has reignited my love for emacs. I know org-mode displays the current task and the elapsed time on the emacs modeline which is good. I was wondering if it would be possible to generate a separate automatic emacs frame (which is compact and for all intents and purposes looks like a simple xwindow) with the task name, the elapsed time etc. from org-mode as soon as you clock in .. This would allow for this timer window to be on all desktops for e.g without being intrusive.

Right now, I basically manually enter this info into my custom timer when I clock in and out of a task in org-mode.

Not sure whether others using org-mode feel a similar need or whether they use any other methods...


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