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Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode versus Taskpaper - now for real

From: Tim O'Callaghan
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode versus Taskpaper - now for real
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 18:22:53 +0200

To be honest when i first read it i thought it was a good idea. I saw
it as an extension of your splitting the big org file into the smaller
include files in the git repo.

>  What people miss when they are new to Org-mode is this:
>  Don't try to set up the "final" task managing system from the
>  start.  Because you have no idea yet what your system should look
>  like.  Don't set up many TODO states and logging initially,
>  before you actually have a feeling for what you working flow is.
>  Don't define a context tag "@computer" just because David Allen
>  has one, even though you are sitting at a computer all the time
>  anyway!  Start by creating and managing a small TODO list and
>  then develop your own system as the needs arises.  I wrote
>  Org-mode to enable this development process.

I think a way to address this in Org-Mode would be to start with a
chapter explaining what Org-mode is about and an example of how to use
the very basic TODO functionality. A single file TODO project,
probably based around cooking a recipe or something. Then in later
chapters you could apply the new feature(s) described by expanding on
the initial use-case.

Also with that use-case as a baseline we could generate an appendix of
usage/best practices or whatever, for the clock-in-out-people, the
print every day people, one big ass text file people etc....

I for one would be interested in knowing how other people use
org-mode, and always on the look out for interesting tweaks.


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