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[Orgmode] Mileage

From: Russell Adams
Subject: [Orgmode] Mileage
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 11:20:09 -0500
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So I discussed this briefly on IRC, but how are others handling
mileage reporting? Its very similar to clocking time, and fits neatly
into the property drawer.

Here's a sample of what I started, I'm just concerned about how to get
the delta and a summary.

** DONE Meeting Downtown
   CLOSED: [2008-04-02 Wed 22:55]
   :MILES_START: 50375
   :MILES_END: 50417

I wrote a short piece of code I can eval to see the delta on the
current item:

(- (string-to-number (org-entry-get (point) '"MILES_END")) 
   (string-to-number (org-entry-get (point) '"MILES_START"))

My question has to do with scale, how could this be made to auto
update across all headings? Column view already allows me a nice
summary view, though I may have to sort out the date range to review.



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