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[Orgmode] Using Alt as Meta

From: Dan Davison
Subject: [Orgmode] Using Alt as Meta
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 21:16:31 +0100
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I came across org-mode a couple of weeks ago. I'm really impressed: it looks 
excellent, useful, and like it will take me some time before I've worked out 
how best to use it. But I think I will carry on using it fairly seriously, so 
thanks very much Carsten for something that looks like it's going to be really 

I suspect I'm going to have quite a few questions for this list but I'm going 
to start off with something trivial and/or a stupid question.

Prior to installing org-mode, it had always been my understanding that in my 
set-up the Alt key provided the function of 'Meta' (e.g. I always use <Alt-x> 
some-emacs-function [RET])
Why is is that I have to use <Esc-Right> for org-metaright, and <Alt-Right> 
brings up the message: '<A-right> is undefined'? What's an appropriate way to
tell org-mode to use Alt as Meta in this situation?



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