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[Orgmode] org-table : some questions ...

From: Jose Robins
Subject: [Orgmode] org-table : some questions ...
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 06:17:23 -0700
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Let me first setup the context for my question. I'm an electrical engineer designing IC's (in San Diego, USA) and have a great need for documenting my simulation data in a format similar to what I have attached in the jpg file (and pasted below)...

The snapshot below  was using  built-in table-mode in emacs. The key reason I used table mode instead of org-table to document this data was due to the ability to have some columns be merged (or "spanned" in table-mode terminology) in some rows. However I find org-table's features a bit more intuitive and would prefer to use that instead.  In fact I started off with documenting data in org-mode and finally converted that to table-mode because of the exact reason that I mentioned above.

1.  Is there a way that I could achieve this sort of column spanning in org-table mode?
2. Or is there an alternative way of arrangement using org-mode to achieve the same objective of data organization?
3. If not, would this be easy to implement (and useful enough for others) to have such an option?
Thanks a lot,

Table of sims.

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