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[Orgmode] processing pending emails as part of your GTD system

From: Pete Phillips
Subject: [Orgmode] processing pending emails as part of your GTD system
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 07:55:13 +0100

This post is slighly off-topic, as it is not directly about org-mode.

As many of you on the list will know, I'm a big fan of David Allen's GTD
system, and over the years I have tweaked my use of MH and MH-E to help
support this use.

One thing I have done is design a method so that I can easily put emails
into a set of 'pending' mail folders, and then get cron to process these
and dump the emails back into my +inbox at appropriate dates.

Having mentioned this on the MH-E list recently, someone asked if I
could share the scripts with them, so I have written this up here:


I suspect you could extend this to any email system where you have
command line access to your email system. 

Hope you find this useful.

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