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[Orgmode] Bug Tracker?

From: Jeff Mickey
Subject: [Orgmode] Bug Tracker?
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 17:38:37 -0400

I was thinking about this earlier after I saw emacs integration for
ditz (a distributed issue tracker).

I'm currently working on several personal projects, and while I do
appreciate the GTD model for one list of things to do, it is not
practical when I intend for these personal projects to eventually
become larger and have other contributors.

I was wondering if anyone uses Org-Mode to track bugs in their
software, and if there were any nifty things you did to make it work a
bit smoother.  I'd like to have a /bugs.org or /issues.org at the top
of my source tree, and track bugs there with org-mode.  Any
suggestions on the best practices for this?

    //  jeff
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